About us

Perfect Find is a small family run business based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland owned and managed by Sara Brazendale. 


Sara’s sister, Joy, who has  lived out in Africa for the last 25 years or so, owns and manages a small family run business, Birdwoods, in Harare, Zimbabwe. Birdwoods designs and produces metal birds, insects, fish and mammals that are full of character and which are all made entirely from recycled oil drums. 


These quality bird and wildlife metal sculptures are individually welded with care by Zimbabwean craftsmen resulting in true to life, natural looking sculptures bringing pleasure to all who own them. 


The sculptures are playful, joyful, elegant, stylish and different and it is Perfect Find’s mission to bring these beautiful, uniquely hand crafted sculptures to a home or garden near you.


Perfect Find recognises the hard work and dedication of the Birdwoods artisans in producing the products in often challenging and difficult circumstances and is committed, from the outset, to return 10% of its annual profit to charitable Zimbabwean causes which will directly enhance the lives of the Birdwoods’ workers and their communities.


Perfect Find looks forward to working with you and is excited to help you on the journey to find your ‘perfect find’.



Contact Perfect Find on


Tel : +44 (0)7766 713858


Email : sara@perfectfind.co.uk


Address: 24 Carnie Crescent, Elrick, Aberdeenshire, AB32 6HU