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Perfect Find is a site to promote creative and original independent businesses in the Bristol and Bath area.

Creator/Business Terms and Conditions

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you will become a member of Perfect Find

 A member of Perfect Find is entitled

 *to free membership.

 *to have 5 of their products/events advertised on Perfect Find and to have direct links from these products to their website.

 * to have their website clearly linked to Perfect Find.

 *to have the choice of opening a shop using Ecwid to sell their products on Perfect Find or to use their own website and have a link from Perfect Find to their site.

 * to have the price and images of their 5 products displayed on Perfect Find.

 * to leave Perfect Find when the member chooses to by informing Perfect Find by email. Perfect Find will stop using the images of the creator's/business’ products to promote Perfect Find. The products will be removed from Perfect Find within a week of requesting to leave the site.

A member of Perfect Find must agree

 * to provide Perfect Find with accurate pictures and details of their products/items which they wish to have on the Perfect Find website.

 * It is the responsibility of the Perfect Member to check that their products/items are described accurately, are in an appropriate category and that the links work from the Perfect Find site to their site.

 * to try to create a clear link from their website to the Perfect Find home page or their creator's/business page.

 * to promote other Perfect Find creator’s products and events where ever possible.

 * that the order of the categorising and listing of products will be decided by Perfect Find.

* to only provide Perfect Find with links to sites which are relevant to customers of Perfect Find and to ensure that they do not contain obscene material and images.

* must agree and understand that they are solely responsible for their shop, that they must provide terms and conditons themselves which can either be displayed on their shop page or their website. Perfect Find is solely an advertising platform for the creators, businesses and their items. Perfect Find takes no responsibility for the quality of the items sold or for the sales, service and returns service of the Creator's shop or website.

*if the Creator sets up a shop using Ecwid ( Perfect Find takes no responsibility for the service and product provided by Ecwid.

*to let Perfect Find use their supplied images to promote Perfect Find while the Creator/Business is a member.

* to accept that Perfect Find may decide to charge a fee for creators and their work to be included in the site at some point in the future. If this happens members will be given full details and the opportunity to have their products removed from the site.

Creator - we needed a universal term to use when referring to the artists, crafters, makers, producers skilled craftsman e.g. carpenters, photographers, painters and writers etc who are make things to sell.

Original business - this is a business which offers something unique and individual. Perfect Find reserves the right to refuse or withraw membership if it feels a business does not fit the concept of Perfect Find.

Products - goods which are advertised on Perfect Find

Perfect Find member - a creator/business which agrees to the terms and conditions to have their products featured on the Perfect Find website (see terms and conditions for Perfect Find member)

Handmade - I have chosen to define 'handmade' as something which is not made in a factory and is not assembled by machine. The item is assembled by hand or the item has been altered by hand. I therefore feel that an artisan who uses a machine to support their craft and does not solely use machines to cut, craft and assemble products is making handmade products.

Local - within 30 miles of Bristol. You can only become a member if you live within 30 miles of Bristol and the products you want listed are made/hired within 30 miles of Bristol.

Customer and Creator/Business Terms and Conditions

Any product bought or hired through Perfect Find is bought or hired from the creator/business not Perfect Find. Perfect Find is not responsible for the quality of the products purchased directly from the creators, their shops or websites. Customers must look at the terms and conditions on the creator's/business' own website when buying directly from the creator/business to establish the contract between buyer and seller. Orders, shipping and returns are not the responsibility of Perfect Find.

Perfect Find members trade independently from Perfect Find. Perfect Find is not responsible for the personal or professional conduct of any of the Perfect Find members.

Perfect Find does not intend to advertise creators who are acting illegally, are unreliable and who produce consistently faulty goods. Please contact us if you have any concerns regarding the product quality of any of the members of Perfect Find.

Perfect Find reserves the right to cancel membership of Perfect Find if a creator/business is not local to the Bristol area, is acting illegally, is unreliable or consistently produces faulty products. Perfect Find reserves the right to refuse/cancel membership of Perfect Find at anytime.

We have no responsibility or liability for the content or the sites that link to our site or the sites that we link to. If you click on a link in Perfect Find you will leave our site.

The descriptions and pictures of the products on the Perfect Find site have been provided by the creator. The creator of the product is responsible for the accuracy of these descriptions.

We reserve the right to update the website at anytime which may involve the website being unavailable or offline. We will however try to keep this to a short a time as possible.

The details of the events, courses and activities which are advertised on Perfect Find have been provided by the Perfect Find members. They are responsible for the events which are advertised. Perfect Find is not responsible for their quality or the cancellation of the advertised event or for the inaccuracy of any details provided.