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How to set up a shop for use with Perfect Find the site

Below I provide an introduction to how to create a shop using Ecwid

You do not need to set up a shop:

  •  if you already have a website with a shopping cart
  • you may not want an online shop you might have a local physical shop and want to advertise that
  • you might prefer to take orders by email or telephone
  • All the details you need to provide to your customers can be put on your Creators' page.


How ever you might want to have an ecommerce shop.


If so, you could choose to open one for free by using


You could use something else but I have found this one as a great example (I get nothing for recommending it), it isn't necessarily the best but it seems good enough and its free!



Why I recommend it?


  1. It's free to list 10 items. You can list more but you will have to pay to upgrade. 10 is probably enough to start with!
  2. It is web and mobile optimised.
  3. It is easy to intergrate into an existing website.
  4. I think its not too hard to use.
  5. You can intergrate it into numerous websites, facebook and blogs. It's not just for Perfect Find. It is your shop, you set it up, you run it. I will just embed it in Perfect Find. You will manage the shop yourself, I will have no access to it (apart from as a customer). If you choose to leave Perfect Find you will still have it. There is an Ecwid Facebook app. You can add it to there.
  6. It has template emails for customers when they order, it provides invoices. 
  7. It keeps records of your sales and orders.
  8. You can attach social media buttons to all your products such as Facebook, Pinterest. How to add Ecwid to Facebook.
  9. There is a list of websites that it can be added to in a section called FrontPage in the help section eg wordpress, weebly, wix, blogger, tumblr.


If you want to try it out you do have to sign it but only with your email. You will be sent an email immediately so you can verify your shop. It is immediate. You are sent a code number. This is what you will need to give me if you choose to go ahead. You then can see how it's laid out. Don't be phased by this it looks a bit confusing but you get used to it. Use the Help section if you get stuck.


If you don't like it you can always delete it in the My Profile section.


They provide two example categories and a variey of example products. There is a View Store Front button which if clicked will show you what the example store would be like. It's not the most stylish but it's functional (and free).


This is how the Little Fuzz shop looks in the View Store front - simple yet clear. If you click on the image you can visit the Little Fuzz Ecwid shop.

Once I had clicked around it, got confused, and I then got used to it, I deleted the example categories and products and then started to input my own items. With only 10 products you don't really need categories but that's up to you.

Initially I thought I could only list in dollars but you can select any currency (apart from The Bristol Pound) however if you go to System settings > Format and Units you can choose your currency etc.

In Payments I chose Paypal (easy to set up if you haven't got a Paypal account). You may want to enable Phone order as it is for local shopping.


I left the shipping details to last as I thought it was the most confusing bit. I deleted the example shipping methods and added a new one. In calculate shipping costs I chose Custom Table and set the shipping rate at weight. I then had to put in different costs for different weights (see Royal Mail site).




Having decided to use Ecwid. Put your items in the shop, check it works and then send me the store number you were sent in the Verify email. I don't need your password. I can't access your shop.


I will then enter them on your shop page and you will have your shop. You can alter it at anytime and add products when you want. This is the Little Fuzz shop example. It just needs it pictures. Please note that I have also included terms and conditions. You do need these. If you email me them I can add them to the page. Ecwid does have ones you can use in the package you pay for. You are welcome you use the Little Fuzz ones but I cannot guarantee them to be accurate although I hope they are. I am not liable for your shops Terms and Conditions!


Please do contact me by email if you have any problems and need help.







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