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About me

Hi I'm Liz. I live in North Bristol with my family. I grew up in Devon but my visited my Grandparents in Bristol as a child and have now lived here myself for almost 20 years and love it. As the co-founder of Little Fuzz Sewing Kits I have personal experience of knowing how hard it is to get your name and products out there. I came up with the idea of Perfect Find in July 2012 and launched the site that November. My sister Jenny now runs Little Fuzz but I remain very proud of its concept and its unique kits. I like computers and craft!


In trying to get our products known I realised how important it is for small businesses to promote each other.


A small business can be lost online but by linking together in one place I realised that we could advertise more effectively and specifically.


I realised that the most well known handmade online communities were either very large or very expensive or very selective.They are also very craft based.


So I thought that if a Bristol and Bath online community for products and artists/producers from the Bristol and Bath area could be created, we could advertise as one and therefore be a much more powerful marketing force.


Perfect Find is not just for handmade craft but is also for art, food, furniture, photography and more but only from the Bristol and Bath area (30 miles from the centre of Bristol). Let me know if you have something to sell and there isn't a category for it. The larger the range of goods we offer the greater the number of people dropping by. I can create a new category if your products don't fit the existing ones.


I will be advertising Perfect Find locally by using social media and by optimising the site on local online searches. I will try to advertise the site as creatively as possible. As it is free to join please promote it as much as possible. If anyone who joins Perfect Find tweets and posts on facebook about the website, the products and artists on it, and recommends it as a great place to shop, we will hopefully be able to reach an enormous number of people. Websites are more likely to appear on local searches if they contain lots of similar and local links. Perfect Find will link to your site and if you link yours back we will become more popular in online searches.


I want the locals to think of it everytime they want to buy a gorgeous gift for themselves, a friend or a loved one.


I want anyone whose feeling creative (within reason!) to feel that they could sell their products on Perfect Find even if they've only made a few things and would like to try selling them. You never know there might be a market for them.


Please bear with me as Perfect Find is in its infancy and there well be a few teething problems. Let me know if you have any suggestions or things I could add to make it more informative to the community. All the best things just keep evolving. I will unfortunately have to add advertising to the site as it is now free to join but I decided it's better not to charge the members and I can't do this for free.


The Perfect Find shop is a collection of local creators' websites. I have included a facility for adding a Ecwid shop for those without the facility to sell their own products. If you don't have an online shop this might be useful Shop set up


I hope you like it and find it useful. Please keep coming back there is more to come!